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Robotic Surgery at Liv

Developing technologies facilitate all aspects of life, providing solutions in healthcare that seemed impossible before. Advanced laparoscopic and robotic operations aim to achieve the best results and high patient comfort.

Medical Services

Cancer Surgery

Robotic surgery, used for delivering high cancer control and fast recovery, provides maximum health and comfort in daily life.

Cardiovascular Surgery

The number of minimally invasive methods is increasing as an alternative to classical surgical methods with the technology developed especially in the last 15 years in cardiac surgery.

Colon – Rectum Cancers

Colon (large intestine) and rectum (large intestine end) cancers are two of the most common cancers. Colon and rectum cancers that are diagnosed at early stages can be successfully treated.


Liv Hospital, continues to add new miracles to life through gynecological oncology, high-risk pregnancy and in vitro fertilization treatments, dealing with women's health in all its processes starting from adolescence.


Prof. Dr. Hakan Teoman Yanar

Liv Hospital Ulus/İstanbul - General Surgery


Liv Hospital Ulus/İstanbul - Urology

Prof. Mahir ÖZMEN

Liv Hospital Ankara - General Surgery

Prof. Uğur HAKLAR

Liv Hospital Ulus/İstanbul - Orthopedics & Traumatology